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At Schlencker Mapping, we continually invest in new technologies that increase the value of our services for our customers. We are always seeking new ways to leverage our expertise, technological capabilities, and corporate infrastructure to expand the industries we serve and the services we offer. 





What is Mobile Laser Scanning?

Mobile Laser Scanning is a dynamic 3D mapping technology which uses the very latest LiDAR technology, precision navigation and advanced data processing coupled with innovative system design to scan highways, infrastructure, buildings and trees from a moving vehicle.

The data collected by Mobile Laser Scanning can be used to create a highly detailed 3D model of street corridors and overhead features, information that can be used for road surface and safety inspections, terrain and industrial asset mapping, bridge height surveys and road width mapping for entire routes.


Overhead Line Surveys: 

At normal driving speeds, Mobile Laser Scanning can detect and map overhead lines. This data can then be used to determine wire heights, wire sag, and clearance of vegetation.

Highways,  Roads and Railroads: 

Using the novel Mobile Laser Scanning system combined with video imagery, network assets can be mapped accurately and efficiently.

Coastal Surveying:

Coastal zones can be mapped for various applications such as erosion and accretion studies, slope and beach level monitoring.

Accident Reconstruction:

3D digital "maps" can be created of known accident black-spots, which can be used by investigators after an accident as part of their scene recording.


The Mobile Scanning system captures imagery simultaneously with the point cloud and 360 degree and high resolution images are collected.


Mobile Laser Scanning systems are comprised of state-of-the-art Differntial GPS and IMU components combined in a control system, a roof mounted laser scanner platform, and a rack-mount PC/instrumentation cabinet. A custom-designed power supply and operator workstation is provided for systems depending on the survey vehicle. A variety of video and imaging systems can be included in the system to provide additional high resolution documentation. The system is extremely versatile and can be deployed on various vehicles:

  • 4x4 vehicle           

  • High Rail Vehicle/Section Car

  • Boat  


Demonstrating proven accuracies, Mobile Laser Scanning uses well-proven laser scanning technology to capture the position of up to 1,000,000 3D points per second, while in motion.  The typical positional accuracy of Mobile Laser Scanning is better than 5 cm under good GPS conditions and positional accuracies of 25 mm have been achieved on extracted data with additional ground control points.


In utilising the latest in LiDAR technology, Mobile Laser Scanning acquires, processes, and delivers data products that meet the diverse needs of clients.  The system tends to be easy to mobilize and immediately after the survey, data is processed to provide point data with XYZ position and reflective intensity. Depending upon the customer’s requirements, the data can be processed and analyzed further by:

  • Classification of laser data (for example ground, vegetation, buildings, wires)

  • Vectorisation of laser data

  • Measurement of features

  • 3D modeling and texturing





    Mobile Laser Scanning

Our Mobile Laser services include but are not limited to:

  • Route Selection
  • Asset Mapping
  • Highways, Roads and Railways.
  • Overhead Line Surveying.
  • Coastal Surveying.
  • Abnormal Indivisible Loads.



Sunshine Coast Regional Council

All roads in the entire Local Government Area, totalling 4500km's were laser scanned and had imagery captured.

Brisbane Local Government Area

Currently 30% complete of approximately 5700km's of roads.

Bruce Highway - Brisbane to Cairns

All 1700kms of the Bruce Highway from Brisbane to Cairns was scanned. Data collected includes dense point cloud and 360 degree imagery. Read more...


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